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"There's a lot of mileage in this story"


The who?


I’m Christian James William Targett but please just call me Tigger. After trying to grow up in Kent and failing I moved onto London where I failed to grow up whilst I studied medicine in-between more in-depth studies of fermentation and motorcycles. I gained my degree but had to give up medicine after eight months because of a back injury from my days as a moderately successful high jumper (I’ve already shrunk 1½”). 
After five years in the wilderness, mostly unable to work but also running my own country pub, I returned to medicine. Whilst working at Papworth Hospital I met my girlfriend Sam. Now, three years back in the NHS, the time has come to do something more; at least for a bit anyway. I’m giving up my job as an NHS doctor for a year to undertake this so i'm told, frankly crazy idea of a solo unsupported motorcycle ride from England to South Africa and Nepal back to England for charity all in six-eight months. On my return I hope to continue as a doctor in either A&E or intensive care. Thanks to the world's political situation I cannot get viasa for libya or Iran and there were other problems so the adventure has translocated to South America - all of it, A circumnavigation to include every country on the continent.

The why?


Why is because I’ve dreamed about a grand adventure for half my life and I truly believe that the causes are worth every expense and risk (like the £20k expense so far or the risk of beheading on youtube). Why is because without Magpas my wonderful girlfriend and her Mum would be dead. The why is because as a formally slightly rapid motorcycle rider (cough) it is but for the grace of whoever that I have never needed Magpas’ help.
As an A&E doctor I can tell you that any of us can need them and without them many more of us would already be brown bread. Why is because, perhaps like you, I was born alive and well and have remained so thanks to the NHS but so many of us, like those in Africa, are and will never be so lucky. For many their only contact with healthcare is provided thanks to Riders for Health’s tireless efforts to buy and keep running the bikes and other vehicles to get healthcare to the remotest African villages. I hope that travelling by motorcycle, visiting the hospitals and clinics in every country I visit and interacting with their people I can bring a greater understanding of life and healthcare back. 

The what?


I hope at the least the what is you thinking “What on earth! This bloke is a plonker but that’s one hard challenge and the causes are worth a few of my hard earned pounds.”



The where?


Well I live in Sawtry in Cambridgeshire but

the rest of the where can be found in ‘the route’ pages.