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Last bit of Columbia

Posted on 21st March, 2012

Ahoyhoy folks,

Just a quicky. I`m ok but I might have two broken ribs after a slight accident. I am the worst motorcyclist. Worry not family, all is fine. I am on my new pal Yorgin`s mac and in return for his and his father`s kindness I said I`d mention their genuinely amazing furniture factory and Yorgin`s band Short Circuit. 

Below are the youtube links for his poppy-rocky singles. I think he might be famous:

And this is hid Dad`s furniture shop which makes furniture that is so chunky and heavy it will last forever. I love this stuff:

I`ll fill you in with the rest of my goings on in a day or so with photos to prove it.



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Comments (2)

Hi Tigger - It looked like you were indulging in a bit if border crossing admin. Do not accept worst motorcyclist but you are in a land where driving is not so predictable. Take care - Via con Dios. George
How many near misses do you think one is allowed in this life Chris, time to come home we think.

Waiting to hear more from you.

Lots of love

Mum and Dadxx