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Step 1 of 3 complete

Posted on 25th April, 2012


Anyone still there reading this? If you are then I can tell you today has been successful so far. I rode Sir Humphrey to the cargo terminal at the airport. Kinda a big room, could easily hide the Ark of the Covenant in here.


To keep costs down I removed Sir Humphrey´s windscreen, wing mirror, luggage and front wheel after disconecting the battery. I had already run him low on fuel.


I wasn´t sad to him like this at all but excited that we were another step closer to pulling into MAGPAS at the BP petrol station in St. Neots and being officially finished.


Sir Humphrey shrink wrapped. Is that to keep him fresh? Sound like being molested by a psychiatrist to me.


So this is step one done. I´ve got almost enough money to pay for his flight tomorrow out of the cash machines (step 2). The final step is flying myself home and, fingers crossed, I´ll start this Friday.

I would like to say that I am honoured by the kind comments appended to my prev blog.


Terminused Tigger

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Comments (5)

Hi Tigger. Forgot to mention last night - you made the Hunts Post this week. Pictures of Waterfalls, Automoto Suzuki and Jean and Chris. The next phase begins! George
Chao Sir Humphrey.... We will miss you in South America!
Hi Tigger. I think you mean the Magpas office in St Ives! Can't blame emily for that one. All looking good so far. Not long now. George
Hi Chris,
Had you not heard of the famous 'shrink rapping' we psychs do, much better than hip hop music !! ha ha. You finally look chilled, and not covered in butterfly or bird bits. Enjoy the luxury of not driving for a while, let the plane take the strain !!
Well done Chris, what an achievement. Be proud of yourself. When I win the lottery we can all go back for a holiday and buy some more prezzies. Can't wait to meet you at Heathrow Saturday.

Lots of love