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Posted on 26th April, 2012


After I blogged to you yesterday I check out the British Airways website to see about availability for changing my flight to Friday. OMG what is happening in UK? Have the Olympics started early? When I first changed my flight after the passport robbery it cost 100pounds. To change my flight to this Friday was 400pounds, Saturday 1000pounds and Tuesday 2700pounds. What have I missed? he original price was only 900 odd quid return! In fear of a worsening situation I risked it and booked the flight there and then. Fingers crossed for no more mess ups tomorrow!

Thankfully today went as smoothly as I could have hoped for. To start I already had enough cash to pay the 6615.42pesos for Sir Humphrey`s ticket home (926 odd quid) - cheaper thatn coming out here but definately a less profession job than James Cargo. Was at least 10mm thick wadge of 100pesos notes


Buenos Aires is interesting where pretty things, like this church, are almost hidden amongst the later constructions. It makes downtown dark and light; dark from the narrow streets and high grey buildings, light from endless shop hordings and neon.


Near here was a Falklands memorial.


Perhaps they shouldn`t have invaded British soil then they wouldn`t have died. The Falklands were never Argentinian property and were ours first as recorded by Captain John Strong in 1690 despite us buggering off for 60 years having lost them to the Spanish but we returned. Just for a bit of balance I should point out that Margaret Thatcher was entirely wrong for ordering the Belgrano to be sunk. Sorry about all of that. Not feeling overly generous to the Argies today for various reasons. I had to force myself at one point not to point out that we don`t cheat at football, are not shite at rugby and won the war but this was not fair even if it was accurate. Bad Tigger. Sorry.



I paid Sir Humphrey`s ticket and collected his Airway Bill from Navicon and to my surprise we are flying together on BA 0244 so I hope to have an official return to Magpas in St. Ives next week. I`ll put info on here once I have it if anyone is around to pop along.

Once everything was confirmed, booked, paid for and I had the paperwork in my oddly clean hands it was back on the 13pence train to Florida (the BA suburb where Dakar Motos are).


I think I need a hair cut and OMG look at all the grey! At last I have started the process of being the silver Tigger I look forward to being.

So to sum up all I have to do is be at the airport tomorrow and hope for no major unexpected disasters.






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Comments (2)

Hi Tigger. Here's hoping there are no more hitches. I think Anonia ans Sam have been in pretty regular contact lately. Bring a bit of sunshine with you - it's done nothing but rain since the hosepipe ban was instigated! Plan to be around next week - can't miss the return. Counted you out; plan to count you in! George
Hi Chris,
Phew what a croc about the air fares, they certainly know how to make money don't they !! I would have made the effort to greet Sir H in St Ives, but alas will be in Cyprus until 9th. Hope all goes well with the journey back and my fingers are crossed there are no hiccups.